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Renovating and Managing Communities

Since 2014

Relik Realty, LLC aspires to become one of the top rated Professional Multi-Family Management Company in Houston, Texas and the surrounding sub-markets. Relik Realty is a forward thinking, modern investment; management company. Our investors and employees are what make us unique. Our mission is to recruit, train, and mentor ambitious people. 

All Relik Realty employees, from executives to onsite staff, are professionals who are devoted to providing exemplary customer service and yielding exceptional asset performance. Undeniably, our TEAM is the foundation of our success. Our executive team possesses an unrivaled passion for development, subject knowledge, and professional conduct.  We are innovators. We thrive on providing modern management for the evolving properties of today to capture the ever changing market of tomorrow.




10200 Richmond Avenue, Suite 272 Houston,TX 77042


(281) 766-3444

Fax: (713) 510-1501



Daily Operations:

We handle all aspects of renting,collecting,and maintaining our residential communities. We provide owners with monthly and yearly financial statements. 

Due Diligence: 

Need to establish the condition of a property?  We’ll thoroughly inspect and report on the condition, potential issues, and expected improvements. You’ll know what to expect before you buy.


Because of our local expertise, we are uniquely qualified to re- position communities by capitalizing on changing market dynamics.

In- House Training: 

We select and retain high caliber leasing staff by providing continual training, thus increasing closing ratio and maximizing advertising dollars. Our commitment to training and personal development of staff members is paramount to the success of each community.


Capital Improvement:

Our experience in managing building and renovation projects will free you from this time consuming job and let you take advantage of investment opportunities.

Property Budgeting:

We will thoroughly examine property financials and develop a budget that allows you to maximize your cash flow to gain a higher profit and maximize your return.

Receivership/Asset Management:

 Receiverships & Asset Management is one of the additional services offered by Relik Reality. We recognize that our principle receivership responsibility is to protect, preserve, and maintain the asset as well as those specific responsibilities as contained in the order appointing receiver. Relik is equipped to provide customized Asset Management for the individual client’s requirements. 


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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